Welcome to INSAS,

Our employees have more than 20 years experince in purchase and sales of computer equipment, both in the Norwegian and the international market.Our goal is to be a supplier of additional material. If you want to prolong your technology's sustainability, we will make sure that you'll receive the components or units that you need for the best prices available.

INSAS offers delivery of equipment from multiple manufacturers at very competetive prices. The equipment can be brand new, used, refurbished, or used and upgraded by the manufacturer. When making an offer, we will always state what category the equipment belongs to (new, used, etc). INSAS also offers to buy redundant equipment from costumers. We can, through collaboration with a financing company, present you with a rental agreement for computer equipment.

Our international cooperation gives us the possibility to deliver almost any equipment from most manufacturers in the market today. Through our connections we can also locate merchandise which is no longer in production, or is being sold by the producer.

Products we deliver:

We guarantee:

that the equipment we deliver will function according to the manufacturers specifications. We offer a three month right to a full return if the equipment is delivered with a hidden fault or if one occurs within the first few months after purchase.